In the course of a year, ONOMICHI conducts launchings of around 10 ships, sending them down the slipway from the building berth into the sea. It is a very powerful and moving sight – a huge ship, that towers up before one’s eyes, gliding down into the sea with a thunderous roar.
Our launching ceremonies can be attended by members of the public.
Why not come along and see a ship being launched?

 Views of a launching ceremony

Scheduled launching ceremonies

Date Outline data
June 26th, 2024
Construction number
: 820
: D/W 40,000M.T. Bulker
: abt. 179.99 M
: 32.00 M

Information of the ship

※Schedule is subject to change.

  • Info on past launching ceremonies is here



  • Naming of the vessel

    Naming of the vessel

  • Cutting the code

    Cutting the cord

  • Launching


  • Presentation of bouquet

    Presentation of bouquet

[Cutting the cord]

The launching ceremony is a ceremony to celebrate the birth of the ship, by cutting the cord that is attached to the ship and the land.
The cord is connected to a bottle of sake. The ship is launched when the sake is broken in conjunction with the cutting of the cord.
In Japan, a silver axe is used in such ceremonies. It is a good luck charm that is said to get rid of the devil.
Three grooves carved on the left side of the axe represent God, and four grooves carved on the right side represent the four heavenly kings. These ask for the protection of God.
The cord that was used in the ceremony is later used as a lucky charm for an easy birth.

Video of a launching ceremony



・ About 20 minutes from JR Onomichi Station by bus (get off at the Onomichi-zosen-mae stop)
・ About 10 minutes from JR Onomichi Station by taxi
・ About 15 minutes from JR Higashi-onomichi Station by bus (get off at the Onomichi-zosen-mae stop)
・ About 10 minutes from JR Higashi-onomichi Station by taxi
・ About 15 minutes from Shinkansen Shin-onomichi Station by taxi

Requests to those attending a ceremony

  • We’ll carry out the ceremony even if it rains.
  • The site opens one hour before the ceremony begins.
    Please note that you can’t entry the shipyard after the ceremony begins.
  • Please do not come by car – there is only limited parking space inside the shipyard.
    (If all the parking space is full, we may refuse entry to people in cars.)
  • Please cooperate by following our staff’s instructions inside the shipyard.
    (Please do not touch any objects inside the yard, on any account.)
  • Please make sure that any children you bring are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  • We are careful to take safety precautions for the ceremony, but nonetheless, please exercise thorough care regarding your own safety.
  • Please be aware that our company will not accept any liability for any injury that may be sustained inside the launching site.
  • Please contact us in advance if you wish to attend a ceremony in a group.


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