Sharlock for ferries, RORO ships and PCTCs
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Detailed specifications

4-reel type standard model Equipped with four belt reel units
2-reel type standard model Equipped with two belt reel units
Drive method Independent air cylinder drive
Tractive force = approx. 200 kgf/cylinder (at 0.8MPa)
Box sizes 400 × 480 × 520 (H) mm with 4-reel type, 400 × 260 × 520 (H) mm with 2-reel type
Belts Polyarylate (high modulus fiber)
  • ・ Size: 55 mm wide × 2.5 m
  • ・ Working load: 2.5 Tf (design breaking load 10 Tf)
Belt breaking test data

Strength and density of high-modulus fiber

 Graph showing strength and density of high-modulus fiber

Load vs elongation curve of Sharlock belt

 Graph showing load vs elongation curve of Sharlock belt

Track record

Deliveries For 7 ships
In recently built ships In “Wakanatsu” (completed September 2006),
“Miyarabi II” (completed July 2010)
and “Churashima” (completed May 2014), all for RKK Line
In repaired ships In two ferries (newly installed in January 2005 and May 2006)
and two RORO ships (installed as replacements in January 2013 and May 2014)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Is it easy to maintain?
The belts are the only consumable items. In the event of failure, the belt reel units can be replaced individually through the top of the box.
Q2 Doesn’t dirt or water build up in it?
During cargo work, the lid is kept adequately tight by tensile force provided by compressed air. Any water that enters it during sailing will be expelled via its drain outlets.
Q3 Is the installation work troublesome?
No. It’s just a matter of fastening the box to the deck and fitting up a branch tube from the ship’s compressed air tubing.

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