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1943Onomichi Dockyard Co., Ltd. was founded.
1948Constructed Building Berth 1, capacity 5,600 DWT.
1955Constructed Building Berth 2, capacity 2,400 DWT.
1957Constructed Dock 3, capacity 9,000 DWT.
1965Completed construction of 100th ship
1966Constructed Dock 5, capacity 9,000 DWT
Expanded Building Berths 1 and 2 to 17,000 and 6,500 DWT capacity respectively
Constructed Hull Yard and Internal Work Yard
1967Expanded and upgraded Wharf 1, to move into construction of large ships
1970Constructed Dock 6, capacity 40,000 DWT
Constructed Hull Yard 2, Finish Machining Works and General Administration Office
1973Expanded Building Berths 1 and 2 to 26,000 and 85,000 DWT capacity respectively
Constructed Hull Yard 3.
1975Increased stock capital to 100 million yen
New ship construction capacity exceeded 360,000 DWT.
1976Constructed 86,300 DWT oil tanker.

Advanced into the field of shore – based construction industry.

1978Acquisition of authorization for special construction (steel structure)
Completed construction of first full-size container vessel

Licensed to work on construction works of civil engineering and construction industry.

1981Began using the semi-tandem method
1986Constructed Innoshima Yard
1987Created West Wharves from reclaimed land
Reconstructed Building Berth 1 into assembly yard
1988Expanded Building Berth 2 to 105,000 DWT capacity
1989Brought in NC plasma cutting machines
Completed construction of first 100,000 DWT oil tanker (Aframax)
Acquired shares in Saiki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and started managing it
1990Reconstructed Dock 3 into an assembly yard
Expanded Dock 5 to 53,000 DWT capacity
1991Erected 160-ton tower cranes, fabricated jointly by ONOMICHI, Fukuyama Machineries Co.,Ltd. and Hitachi, Ltd., in Building Berth 2
1992Completed construction of first double-hulled Aframax tanker
In order to strengthen our ship repair segment,
acquired shares in Colombo Dry Docks and Colombo Dockyards, and started managing both companies
1993Completed construction of 4,229 TEU container vessel (R-Type)
1994Changed to ball-type launching system
Completed construction of 14,543 GT RORO cargo-passenger ship
1996Completed construction of 47,629 DWT oil tanker (MR Mark I)
1997Brought in NC steel cutting machines
1998Acquired ISO9001 certification
Installed movable roofs at West Block Outfitting Yard
Brought in 3D CAD
1999Upgraded shotblasting shops and
brought in state-of-the-art shotblasting machines (for a wide steel plate)
2000Brought our computer systems online and networked them.
2001Constructed hull block sand-blast cleaning yard.
Augmented NC steel cutting machines.
Completed construction of first Handymax bulk carrier.
2003Opened Industrial Machinery Division at Tokyo Branch.
Constructed private power generation plant.
2004Erected 240-ton tower cranes in Building Berth 2.
Completed construction of 47,000 DWT oil tanker (MR Mark II).
2005Set up Pipe Center.
Expanded Pipe Unit Yard.
Augmented moving roofs.
Erected seawalls.
2006Expanded general assembly level blocks, constructed East Outfitting Yard movable roofs, filtering plant and East House.
Completed construction of 70,377 DWT oil tanker (Ice Class).
2007Received “Ship of the Year” award for energy- and labor-saving RORO ship “Wakanatsu”.
Constructed Matsunaga Yard.
2008Constructed Mukaishima Yard.
2010Built Safety Training Center.
Built new painting shop.
Completed construction of 50,000 DWT oil tanker (MR Mark Ⅲ).
2011Completed construction of 50,000 DWT oil tanker (MR Mark IV).
Improved Wharves 2, 5, 7 and 8.
2012Renewed gate of No.2 Building Berth.
2013Completed construction of 79,000 DWT oil tanker (LRI).
2017Constructed Saiki Yard.
Received “Ship of the Year 2016” award for energy – and labor – saving large passenger ship “FERRY SHIMANTO”.