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Ship construction that gives sure-fire quality and performance. The market’s appraisal is what builds the ONOMICHI brand.

The environment surrounding the shipbuilding industry is changing in major ways from day to day. We are doing what we have done since our founding – honing our technology and skills from day to day, as we work to establish the ONOMICHI brand, in line with our management concepts: “pursue shipbuilding from the customer’s perspective, to create true satisfaction for the customer”, and “to work to enhance technology and quality in response to the customer’s requirements”. This is a main factor in our having coped with the global shipbuilding slump and been able to continue in our shipbuilding business.
Ships are the mainstay of worldwide distribution, and play an absolutely indispensable role as a means of transporting physical things. Changes may take place in economic conditions, but ships, which transport multiple goods to support our daily lives, will never disappear. Given such circumstances, shipyards are being required to determine the kinds of ships our age wants and to supply customers with modern ships using modern technology.
We at ONOMICHI are putting to use our technology and experience obtained through a track record going back many years as we work to provide customers with multifaceted satisfaction. We are one of just a handful of shipyards in Japan that carry out both shipbuilding and ship repair, with the capabilities to handle ships of many different types. From now, we will be earnestly facing up to the realities of shipbuilding and implementing a technological renovation so as to be the “shipyard everyone chooses”. As well as being a company that builds ships, to be a partner that customers can come to for consultations and to listen to their opinions in matters regarding shipbuilding, so as to produce plans by working together. Further, on the international stage we will be moving ahead on our path as an enterprise that can lead the world in supporting global distribution.